• The Marketing department – 2018Kapero, Resumé & The Association of Swedish Advertisers
  • The Marketing department – 2014Kapero & The Association of Swedish Advertisers
  • The Marketing department – 2011Kapero & The Association of Swedish Advertisers

Kapero awards

At Kapero we think the thesis made in connection to your graduation from your studies at university are of great value. A thesis that is businesslike, enforceable, solves a real problem may give a kick start to your working life. Therefore, we have instituted The Kapero Award at SEK 15 000 for best thesis at Masters level in Media Technology in Sweden.

  • 2017: Niklas Gustavsson, Royal Institute of Technology

    Create, maintain and reap the rewards of a social media strategy

  • 2016: Julia Gerhardsen, Royal Institute of Technology

    A study of TV and Video Consumption among Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

  • 2015: Mårten Cederman, Royal Institute of Technology

    Accurately measuring content consumption on a modern Play service

  • 2014: Daniel Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology

    Effectiveness of Data Driven Targeting Strategies in Display Advertising

  • 2013: Tina Durmén Blunt, Linköping University

    Personalized Visualization of Blog Statistics

  • 2012: Madelene Allvin & Björn Götestrand, Linköping University

    User Centric Development for a sales support system on a mobile touch device