Do you have the right balance between brand and tactical?

In the first edition of EffDay in Sweden, Kaj Johansson and Peter Lundberg from Kapero were Key-note speakers and held an appreciated live Webinar about e-commerce and marketing in Corona times.

– Through our projects for our customers, we could “live” see the drastic increase in e-commerce customers during the beginning of the pandemic. It became like a laboratory, says Kaj Johansson. It is not every day that millions of new customers enter a market or a segment.

The webinar was about the insights and conclusions drawn during the period. It was clear that the strength of the brand was incredibly important for the customer movement and which players were winning out of the period.

– We were able to measure how the brand’s strength drastically affected the effect and the conversion of the tactical marketing work, Peter Lundberg continues. Players with strong brands got both more of what we call “brand traffic” and better conversion on their tactical activities.

Companies that have a weak brand are forced to compensate with a larger investment in short-term tactical advertising – a kind of a catch 22. If you make a move in investment towards brand building activities, you will lose sales here and now, because it takes time to make a brand move. But over time, the results get better.

– At the end of the webinar, we tried to show a way of how to think both in terms of organization and budget to succeed with a change and balancing brand and tactical communication over time, Kaj Johansson concludes.

The audience also got the most important conclusions from Kapero’s study:

1. ”Brand” becomes even more important in a digital context
2. ”Fire” is crucial to get a high conversion in the tactical channels
3. Dangerous to separate brand budget and tactical budget, take a holistic approach
4. Moving from “tactical” to “fire” is difficult and must be optimized over time
5. Your organization stands in the way of optimization – it does what it’s organized for
6. What makes a difference, what does not – Coronan makes it possible to prioritize
7. Growth is built by new customers!