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Fragmented marketing is like cookie crumbles in your bed.

Clean up your bed to maximise impact

It's Sunday morning, and you’re in bed. Saturday night was a little livelier than expected, and you fell asleep with a half-eaten chocolate chip cookie in your hand. It has now turned into a very uncomfortable and impractical bed of crumbs, but you don’t know that yet because you are still asleep—heavily.

Robert af Klintberg Ryberg

Why your shrinking budget will penalize you more today

Hello, budget season. Every marketing manager’s favourite time of year. If you're forced to tighten your belt a hole or two this time, you can take comfort that you're probably not alone. However, a reduced marketing budget may sting more than before as the consequences may be greater.

The marketing depoartment 23 report front page

The future role of marketing departments

Our new study shows that marketing departments are drowning in production instead of creating business value.

How can you make your marketing department fit for the future?

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Peter Lundberg, Kapero

Marketers start at the wrong end

Most advertising buyers split their investments across an increasing number of channels and activities. The consequence is a lack of money, time and resources to develop campaigns with a higher level of ideas. When the ideas are there, there is often a lack of media money to reach out when the budget is spread over so many activities on so many platforms.

Peter Lundberg

Earth is not flat. Nor are creative organisations.

Too flat creative organisations are hardly a widespread problem. Rather, we need to work to cut down the middle management. This is what Peter Lundberg, CEO of Kapero, writes in a response to Björn Rietz's column in "Resumé".

Robert af Klintberg Ryberg

Before hiring Social Media Managers - Read this!

The suitability of recruiting multi-skilled social media managers has been debated in recent months. Some are getting it right and others being way off. However, most debaters miss the big problems and fail to unravel the causes and solutions.

Developing effective and efficient event processes for yearly global launches

The event team at Ikea creates a number of global events during the year. One of the most famous attracts journalists from all over the world to Älmhult.

Kapero joins the Effectiveness Commitee

Investments in marketing gives even less effect. Not only in Sweden, but over large parts of the world. The downward trend has been going on for over ten years. It is also seen that confidence in advertising and marketing among consumers decreases.

Do you have the right balance between brand and tactical?

In the first edition of EffDay in Sweden, Kaj Johansson and Peter Lundberg from Kapero were Key-note speakers and held an appreciated live Webinar about e-commerce and marketing in Corona times.

Share of Search:
An interesting metric if you use it right

Share of Search if often presented as the saviour of marketing metrics. Especially by small brands now getting access to free market research. And it is truly a fantastic measurement that most brands should use. But are there no downsides, ifs, buts or caveats?

Les Binet Peter Field Kapero

Binet & Field:
How to get more effect from your marketing investments

How you get more effect from your marketing investments: Four points of advice extracted from Peter Field and Les Binet’s report ”Marketing effectiveness in the digital era”:

Digital content structure - from global and local to 100,000s of Brand partners

Oriflame’s products are sold by hundreds of thousands of so called Brand partners all over the world that work within their own local and private spheres.

Integration of a global marketing- and communication organisation

Hundreds of local market offices and thousands of resellers and service workshops all over the world sell Scania trucks and communicate to end customers. This puts a demanding task on Scania’s global communication department.

”Grandma is now shopping on-line” – but what's next?

What will happen to consumer behaviour after the Corona pandemic? Have we fast-forwarded development three years ahead or will we fall back to “normal levels” again?

Increasing efficiency and quality for one of Europes largest media businesses

With TV, radio and some of the world’s largest magazines and editorial sites in its portfolio, Bauer Media Group is a leading player in several of Europe’s largest markets.