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The future role of marketing departments

Our new study shows that marketing departments are drowning in production instead of creating business value.

How can you make your marketing department fit for the future?

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Our new study, The Marketing Department ’23, guides how marketing departments can develop to meet the needs of the coming years.


The study covers three main topics about the marketing department:

1. Organisation and Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities of the marketing department
  • How today's marketing department is organised
  • The growth of specialist roles
  • In-house – advantages and disadvantages
  • The importance of well-functioning agency collaborations
  • The most valued types of external partners

2. Channels and Content

  • The consequences of channel growth
  • Activities and content production in perspective
  • Data management and the value of insights
  • Marketing Tech – an investment that draws resources
  • Dominance in the advertising market

3. Processes and Collaboration

  • Cooperation between marketing and sales
  • The strategic direction of the work
  • Quality of briefs and anchoring process
  • The efficiency of the marketing department
  • Priority actions for increased efficiency and impact

The report concludes by presenting a vision of 'The marketing department of the future'.

  • Future skill needs and development areas
  • Time for a new focus
  • The marketing department of the future
  • Tips on how to proceed
  • Self-test – Are you at risk?

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