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Forward-facing marketing departments

Marketing has changed a lot in the last twenty years. Although marketing is more important than ever, many marketing departments struggle with their role and how to adapt for the future.

Marketing has evolved exponentially to keep pace with digitalisation, globalisation, media fragmentation and other factors. This has resulted in over-complex marketing operations, with too much overlap, and enormous waste of human and financial effort. And there’s rarely been time to resolve this, because urgency always wins.

Workloads are increasing, the media landscape is changing and a lot of the execution is brought inhouse. At the same time it is proven that the business effects of market communication has declined since 2008*.

The result is that many marketing organisations simply don’t work as well as they should. There is not enough clarity about how decisions are made, too many stakeholders involved and meetings, meetings, meetings. People don’t deliver on their potential and creative value gets left on the table.

Most marketing organisations have improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness within their grasp. They just have to grab hold of them.

*The Long and the Short of It – Les Binet and Peter Field

What we do

At Kapero we help companies take a step away from “friendly reminders” and “please prioritize this” in order to find a new way forward. A future proof solution needs to be built on real insights from the challenges in the daily operations across business areas and sales regions. The solution is often to do less activities with better quality. Supported by the right organisational structures, efficient processes and effective planning. With a mindset for growth instead of just being more efficient.

How we work

We start with interviews* and data analysis to get a deep understanding of the challenges and root-causes. Based on this we develop future scenarios and calculate potentials, as well as a roadmap on how to get there. After that we develop the solutions together with key players in the organisation – making the implementation much easier to succeed.

*It’s actually more of an informal conversation. Most of our clients refer to them as “therapy”.

What we deliver

The outcomes for our clients are usually about:
> Fewer roles, clearer mandates, increased collaboration
> Flat organization with less hierarchies
> Shorter and faster processes
> Less content with better quality
> Pre-planning across brands, segments and channels
> Integration of Print and Digital
> Improved employee satisfaction, empowered organization
> Simplified KPI-structure and follow-up processes.

Marketing has evolved exponentially to keep pace with digitalisation, globalisation, media fragmentation and other factors. This has resulted in over-complex marketing operations

— Robert Ryberg, Co-founder, Kapero

Engineering for Happiness
We are management consultants who apply engineering skills to help marketing functions and media companies work better. Over the years we’ve come to understand that this brings not just better business, but happier employees.

People are happier both when they are well organised (efficient) and getting great results (effective).

In practice they get happier because:
> Everyone has clear responsibilities.
> They avoid endless meetings.
> Their roles are neither too small nor too vast.
> The CEO can see the value of what they do.
> They get a decision not a ‘slow no.’
> They’re a tight team, not a bloated rabble.
> Their work gets recognised.
> Their work drives the business.