Bilia: Less, but more of right marketing

Bilia: Less, but more of right marketing


Anders Rydheimer Marketing Director of Bilia, one of Northern Europe’s leading car dealer- and workshop chains, chose to challenge group management and demanded full support to make uncomfortable changes.

Kapero’s initial analysis showed that the marketing department was both efficient and cheap to engage, quite opposite to the general and preconceived impression within the company. Key insights were however that the estimated time per project was insufficient and that foresight and planning weren’t good enough. Another fact was that the marketing department often had to work in a reactive manner which made it difficult to obtain efficiency follow-up and evaluation.

Today, the roles between sales and marketing are much clearer in the company. As an outcome of the work with Kapero, only 50 people now have the permission to place orders and only one person per assignment has the right to comment on proofs. Previously, there could be have been about ten people engaged in the same process and on the same assignment.

After the initial mapping and analysis, Anders Rydheimer chose to continue working with Kapero to review responsibilities, processes and routines. Today, it is clear to everyone in the company that the sales department decides what to communicate whilst the marketing department decides how to do it.
– And with the new way of working, we can put numbers to how much the marketing department’s work actually contributes to the company’s profitability, says Anders Rydheimer.