The Kapero Award

The Kapero Award for best thesis in Media Technology

At Kapero we think the thesis made in connection to your graduation from your studies at university are of great value. A thesis that is businesslike, enforceable, solves a real problem may give a kick start to your working life. Therefore, we have instituted The Kapero Award at SEK 15 000 for best thesis at Masters level in Media Technology in Sweden.

Award winners:

  • 2017: Niklas Gustavsson, Royal Institute of Technology

    Create, maintain and reap the rewards of a social media strategy

  • 2016: Julia Gerhardsen, Royal Institute of Technology

    A study of TV and Video Consumption among Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

  • 2015: Mårten Cederman, Royal Institute of Technology

    Accurately measuring content consumption on a modern Play service

  • 2014: Daniel Jonsson, Royal Institute of Technology

    Effectiveness of Data Driven Targeting Strategies in Display Advertising

  • 2013: Tina Durmén Blunt, Linköping University

    Personalized Visualization of Blog Statistics

  • 2012: Madelene Allvin & Björn Götestrand, Linköping University

    User Centric Development for a sales support system on a mobile touch device

If you study at KTH or LIU, your supervisors can nominate you, but you yourself can also apply before the 31th of August by sending in your completed thesis to: . Don’t forget to write your name, address and telephone number when you apply. For the 2018 Kapero Award, the thesis must be completed sometime between September 2017 and August 2018.

When evaluating, we look at the following:

  • Clear business value
  • Smart and effective solution to a real problem
  • Applicable in the near future
  • Transferable to other companies
  • Presentation that is easily understood