Looking for talent!

Do you want to help develop the largest media houses, marketing and communications departments in the Nordic countries and Europe?

Do you want to help shape creative organisations to reach their full potential? Do you get off on finding simple smart solutions that create quality and efficient processes.

Do you want to work at a different consultancy where concepts like 'land and expand', 'time accounting' and 'facetime' are banned while engagement, quality, dialogue and delivery are the focus.

Kapero is a different kind of management consultant. We are independent and specialise in Marketing Communications and Media.

Our clients are in the midst of a digital transformation and need to become both more efficient and get more impact out of their work - while creative quality is more important than ever:

We create impact, quality and efficiency for modern marketing departments.

We optimize organization and work processes for tomorrow's communications landscape.

We increase the quality and efficiency of media houses by integrating channels, brands and content.

With engineering methods and a deep understanding of creative work, we develop modern and efficient organisational structures and working methods. To ensure lasting results, we work closely with our clients on a long-term basis.

With our extensive experience from more than 300 projects at over 80 of the largest media houses, marketing and communications departments in the Nordic countries and Europe, Kapero has a unique expertise and benchmark to lean on.

Our offering
You will be working with high profile clients at some of Europe’s most exciting companies. You will have a lot of personal responsibility, but will never work alone.

Our client projects consist of small teams of 2-3 consultants who work closely with the client throughout the change journey – from in-depth interviews and data analysis through facilitation of strategy, organisational and process development workshops to implementation, quality assurance and follow-up.

We work in clearly defined projects with fixed prices. For you as a consultant, this means no time accounting – you can focus entirely on quality and delivery. Approximately half of the work takes place on-site at the client’s premises, while the other half consists of analysis, preparation and creative discussions within the team.

At Kapero, you will have colleagues who are passionate about their work, enjoy working together and where we challenge each other. With us, continuous learning is part of everyday life. Our culture is characterised by close collaboration, transparency and lack of prestige where you have great opportunities to influence and contribute. At the same time, we do not have an overtime culture and are careful to prioritise family, leisure and recovery.

Who are you?
– We are looking for someone who brings curiosity, analytical skills and commitment to build trust and drive an organisation.

– You are good at teaching, presenting analysis and conceptualising solutions.

– You are a responsible team player who can work independently when needed.

– You have a good ability to plan and drive major analysis and change projects.

– You are used to analysing data and financial information in Excel.

– You are good at working with clients in workshops to develop working methods and solutions.

– You are good at building relationships and have a good understanding of business related matters.

– You have previous experience in organisational, process and strategy development in media, marketing, communications, e-commerce, consumer insight or similar.

– You probably have a Master’s degree in media technology or industrial economics or a Master’s degree in economics with a focus on marketing.

We are looking for those with 3-7 years of relevant experience, but don’t hesitate to apply even if your experience is shorter – we are looking for you too!

Send your expression of interest to our partner Lisbeth Hedberg directly, or via LinkedIn. She can be reached at Lisbeth@lhedberg.se or +46 70 523 2673

We are recruiting continuously and would like to hear from you as soon as possible.