Telia: More effect for the same investment

Telia: More effect for the same investment


When Swedish telecom company Telia needed help to develop a new media and channel strategy, they found that there were not many independent consultants at hand to choose from.
– Kapero was the only consultant in the market that could approach our issues with a neutral and independent perspective, says Jan Holmberg, Director Brand and Marketing. It was important for us to take a holistic approach for both internal and external channels.

Telia Sweden’s marketing department engaged Kapero to conduct an analysis reviewing its organization and processes. The department had been organized according to channels. However, it was unclear which channels were to do what job. And the views differed among the respective channel managers.

The CRM manager saw CRM as the future. The person responsible for Facebook believed that social media was the most important and so on. At the same time, the marketing department had been challenged to lower its costs. It became a matter of getting a grip of which resources should be invested in each channel to achieve an optimum total result.
– Not all channels were represented in the marketing department, so we chose to include representatives from other departments as well and worked together in workshops. It proved crucial to achieve a common view, which was one of our objectives, says Kaj Johansson at Kapero.

The success of this approach is reflected in some of the comments by the project workshop participants:
– Finally we understand how the channels interact and how we can help each other
– Now we speak the same language
– We’ve never had time to sit down and gather around these perspectives

The CRM manager even expressed that this had been one of the most enjoying projects she ever had been involved in. This, as it became so obvious and clear how CRM interacts with other channels in the marketing mix.
– All of a sudden, we defined a cooperation between the departments that would work, says Sara Mundt-Petersen.
– What was interesting too, was that we started by discussing the business and market objectives before we threw ourselves into the channel landscape. This meant that we ended up having a more open and goal-oriented discussion” says Kaj Johansson.

We also looked at the distribution of the budget and found that the balance between brand building and tactical marketing needed to be adjusted in order to achieve greater long-term effects.
– The new strategy gives us more effect with the same investment, meeting the project goal we had set from the start, says Jan Holmberg.